Local Search Marketing for Small Business – Get More Clients Report

Local Search Marketing for Small Business – Get More Clients Report

Fact 1: More consumers are going

Online every day to find products & services!

Fact 2: If You don’t have a POWERFUL online

presence then you’re losing ground on a daily

basis to your online competitors!

Fact 3: You MUST know how to place your busines

in a position of online strength to get real results!

This Local Search Marketing Report covers all three of these major online success facts.

After reading the report not only

Will you know what to do but you’ll also have the

Tools with which to do it,- quickly & effectively!

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Local Search Marketing Subjects addressed include:

1 Website Features
2 What are Keywords
3 What is Google Places
4 More answers on Google Places
5 Directory Q&A
6 Video Marketing for your Business
7 Social Media 101
8 Defining SEO
9 SEO part two – offsite optimization
10 The Many parts of Google
11 Track your Results
12 Keep in Touch with your Customers
13 Getting Started with Mobile Marketing
14 WordPress for Websites
15 YouTube can help your Business
16 Why Social Media is a Must
17 Understanding Pay-per-Click Advertising
18 Adding an Offer to your Website
19 What is Social Bookmarking
20 How to Rank Higher in the Search Engines
21 How to get Traffic to your Website

Remember there are a few components to deal with:
SEO (onsite and offsite)
Social Media
Social Bookmarking
Google Places
And a couple more we didn’t touch on:
Press Releases