Mobile Marketing Trends the Influence of Advancements in Telecommunications

Mobile Marketing Trends – Technological Advances in Communication Methods

Mobile Marketing Trends
Mobile Marketing Trends

To gain edge by maintaining presence in the market, advertising companies must understand mobile marketing trends. The boom of mobile technologies incorporated into mobile devices gives this area of marketing a very great potential. Smart phones, tablets, ultra-portable computers, and other similar handheld telecommunication devices capable of connecting to the World Wide Web are fast becoming the dominant vehicle for mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Trends – Smart phones are the choice for mobile communication and computing

Over 60 million smart phone users are found in the United States alone. It is projected to increase up to more than 70 million users the following year. In terms of proportion, 60 million users account for about 25% of mobile phone users, while the projected 70 million users would account for about 45%. The increasing switch from ordinary phones to smart phones made this a very good target for mobile advertising. Mobile marketing trends, therefore, are gearing towards exploiting smart phone technologies that are capable of running more sophisticated applications. A very innovative strategy by certain leading smart phone manufacturers is to incorporate advertisements into these mobile apps so that users are instantly redirected to the advertised products or services.

Mobile Marketing Trends – More sophisticated tablets are becoming more affordable and increasingly in demand

Tablet manufacturers are in bottleneck competition nowadays as they compete in pioneering more innovative features. Multi-touch displays, WiFi capability, and multimedia handling are present in almost every tablet sold in electronic stores and from dedicated telecommunications companies. Some even have 3G capabilities so that these can also work as voice calling devices. More powerful processors for these tablets allow for better rendering of websites in which mobile marketing trends are gearing towards. What this means for the advertising companies is opportunity for more virtual presence through these tablets with over 20 million users currently.

Mobile Marketing Trends – Advertising through social networks

One of the most potent mobile marketing trends is using the social networking platforms for advertising products. With close to a billion users, social networking sites are the modern ways of socializing in the virtual world. By injecting advertisements into these social networks, a greater number of audiences are reached. More than the wider advertising awareness, advertised products and services are also quickly referred to other users of these social networking sites.

Mobile Marketing Trends – Location-specific marketing is more effective and efficient

Geographically specific advertising strategy is one of the most recent mobile marketing trends. With advancement in global positioning system technologies incorporated in smart phones, tablets and other similar mobile devices, advertisers can target specifically the local market. For instance, a smart phone user looking for some place nearby to have some coffee may just open a map application through his device. He then gets some information about the nearest coffee shops around. This similar scenario is very advantageous to local establishments like hotels, spas, and restaurants who would resort to mobile marketing as their advertising platform.

Mobile marketing trends are hugely influenced by the progress of telecommunications technology

Mobile marketing trends are hugely influenced by the progress of telecommunications technology commercialized in electronic mobile handheld devices. Realizing the benefits of this advertising platform is an ongoing challenge of mobile marketing companies.

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