Text Messaging Marketing – How to Write an Advertisement – Text Character Limitations

Text Messaging Marketing – How to Write an Advertisement

text messaging marketing
text messaging marketing

When it comes to promoting a business, you should always remember that your text messaging marketing campaign success will depend on how your campaign is written and what words you use. If your information is not straight to the point and easy to understand, you can count on failure.

When you write your message, you should use easy to understand terms that will spark emotions in the recipient to take action. It can be a simple phone call for more information or to head out to your business. Since you don’t have many characters available in the text message, you have to keep the message short and sweet. You will not be able to give any background information to your contacts about the product or your business.

Text Messaging Marketing Campaign – Less Information is Good

In a way less information is good because it keeps the customer curious enough to contact you. They’ll have to contact you to get what they need so it works out in your favor. Make sure you leave contact information in your text messaging marketing campaign otherwise the contact will not be able to get in touch with you. Don’t forget to leave dates in your message if you are promoting an event or an expiration date and amount if you offer a coupon. Include a call to action also so the recipient knows what to do. You may not have enough characters left to add any more information.

Text Messaging Marketing Advertisement – Make an Exclusive Offer

When you send out your text messaging marketing advertisement, make it look like an exclusive offer. Use the word to get the point across. It can be an exclusive offer, something exclusively for people on your text messaging marketing list or anything else. You may have stated they’ll be getting exclusive offers but do they remember this? Most people don’t so they’ll be pleasantly surprised when they get one through your text messaging marketing efforts.

Before you send out your text messaging marketing communication, you should include your name or the company name. You won’t be able to squeeze much information but the name is important to get into the 160 characters.

Never send anything out without a website URL, name, and phone number or email if you’re expecting a response to your ads. Without this information you won’t get one because the customer will not be able to respond with no information. You could have a fantastic product or special and the contact will miss out on it.

No matter how good it is, it is a waste of time if pertinent information is left out and this is the last thing you want. Good planning of text messaging marketing won’t help if you leave out what they need to know.

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