Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design – a mobile optimized website is a must for business that want to acquire customers and clients using the ever increasing use of smartphones and even social media in their buying decisions. Those without mobile optimized sites may be loosing around 50% of their potential business to those who are mobile optimized

Text Messaging Marketing – How to Write an Advertisement – Text Character Limitations

When it comes to promoting a business, you should always remember that your text messaging marketing campaign success will depend on how your campaign is written and what words you use.

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Mobile Business Marketing – A Small Business Help in Client Acquisition Method

The best strategy that the mobile business marketing can incorporate is issue mobile coupons and mobile vouchers.

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Text Messaging Marketing – Small Business Marketing Help

Text Messaging Marketing – Small Business Marketing Help Text messaging marketing can be better called as a ‘real-time marketing’. It is the best way to retain your customers since a text message is the fastest way to reach your customers virtually. Your customers can instantly receive your text messages and other promotions. Text Messaging Marketing […]

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Text Messaging Marketing – What Is Bulk Messaging – Blasting – Brief Definition

When businesses use text messaging marketing it is usually done in bulk. It is also known as a text blasting campaign. It was not popular before but is now becoming a more commonly used method of marketing a business.
Using text messaging marketing is now easier than it was before because technology now allows you to send a text message out to a large database of contacts. You can advertise an event like a special discount or even a

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