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David asks…

Does anyone know any people who blog about small business, especially about the healthcare issue?

I need to do some research about small business and healthcare, and I enjoy blogs. Anyone know any good bloggers for it? Thanks

Rich answers:

Try these resources. Many have blogs, all are small business related.



This is a topic that most do not want to touch. There’s really no right answer to it, and it tends to draw a lot of criticism no matter what side is taken.

William asks…

Besides small business, what are the big companies using blog to market their products?

I’ve searched through the Yahoo Answers and found out that most of the blog marketing users are doing smaller or home business. I’m really curious: how many big brands have set up blogs and used them to interact with customers and even sell products through blogs?

Rich answers:

Unofficial Apple weblog –
Official Google Mac blog –
Apple student blog –
Official Google weblog –
Nike basketball blog –
General Motors blog –

Did it help?

George asks…

How do I start my own small business?

I’m a twenty one year old college student and I’m intrested in starting a small business. I’m not necessarily intrested in purchasing property since I’m in college right now. but just something small. I want to sell handmade jewlery. where should I start? I am currently working full time so I do have money.

Rich answers:

The first step toward starting a business is to have a plan in place. Most successful businesses take the time to make sure they have a blueprint to success, a plan. When you have a blueprint and a direction to go, you will be so much more successful. There are many free resources across the Internet that can aid you in structuring and thinking through the writing of your business plan. Once you get the plan in place, follow it! You can make a blog for our business. You cal also use facebook in marketing your jewelry.

Sandra asks…

How can I start a VERY small catering business from my home in NYC?

The job market is just HORRIBLE and I want to start an extremely small catering business, from my home, in NYC. I will probably only serve 1-2 companies a day, at MOST, but it’s SOME sort of income. How can I start out? I mean, licenses/tax issue? That’s really my only issue here.

Rich answers:

Actually there are more issues that license/tax issues. You will need liability insurance in case someone gets sick after eating something you made. In addition to permits for preparing food and possible inspection of your preparation facilities you will probably need help writing up order forms, a contract to be signed, credit card processing service, marketing materials (brochures, catalog, order forms, etc.)

You will also need to invest in have the proper supplies for displaying your food in an attractive way (plates, silverware, tableclothes, serving dishes, centerpieces, etc) which can be rather expensive upfront costs.

How will you keep the food hot or cold when you deliver it and while it sits on a table. If you don’t have a lot of business experience you might find it much less expensive, less time consuming and more profitable to do something else.

Consider signing up as an independent rep or distributor for a company marketing their products. If you love to cook you could do something like being a rep for Pampered chef or one of the companies that sells food mixes like Tastefully Simple or Homemade Gourmet. Or some other company whose products you enjoy.

Most of the companies who use independent reps to market their products have training to help you learn how to run a business including some information about business licenses, taxes and marketing ideas. It would be a much easier and less expensive way to get started with your own business. Most companies have a start-up cost of $100-$200 and you’re in business. After a year or two you can apply what you’ve learned to starting your own catering company if you still want to do that.

Another idea is to do something on the internet like affiliate programs – they are free to sign up and when someone purchases something from your website, blog or squidoo page you earn a referral fee. It does take some work, but no investment or licenses required. Feel free to contact me if you would like information about any of these.

Robert asks…

need help for starting a small business?

I have an assignment for writing a 10-page business plan, and small business run by myself only. I am planning to start a vintage clothes stall and online shop business. Does anyone have some good ideas about this business? like good suppliers, maketing plans, just anything you think it is good to put in a business plan or good to consider. Thank you.

Rich answers:

 I must stress also: legitimate designer clothes! Anyhow despite our differences in product and the consumer base, here’s some advice.
(I no longer run the business it was a summer project to bring some extra money in; it wasn’t a massive earner but it kept me in the green.)

1) Networking, networking, networking: It’s so important. You need to be on Facebook. You need to be on Twitter. You need to get yourself a weekly video blog on Youtube, show the people what you’re getting up to. Networking is absolutely crucial. You may not think your target demographic wont use these websites, you’d be surprised- they do! Just network until you’re bored, then network some more.

2) Word of mouth: Self explanatory- Tell everyone what your doing. Always. And carry business cards.

3) E-Bay and Gumtree and Craigslist: Get on here to get your stock. Esp. If you’re selling vintage clothes, these places are gold mines for cheap yet good quality stock sourcing.

4) Integrate: Get involved with other people doing what you’re doing, learn from those doing it well, and learn what not to do from those… Not doing well! Compare your website to others… Is mine as good? Does mine have a feedback page? Does mine have blah blah? Build up your contacts in the same business. Contacts are always useful.

5) Get invovlved with local projects and charities: You’ll turn over some of your profits to those guys, but a) it’s for a good cause, b) you attract a large number of customers already involved with said charity- so when you consider the volume your still turning more profit, c) it looks good on your website and marketing.

That should be a good starting point for you, feel free to mail me though- hey I could be your first contact!

Best luck!

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