Your Questions About Mobile Marketing

Joseph asks…

How much should I pay for mobile marketing?

How much would you expect to pay for mobile marketing services if you have a restaurant and want to offer discounts to your clients through mobile marketing.Also letting them know about events. How much would a company charge on average and what would they offer?

Richard Thomas answers:

Typically, I’d say most companies charge around £50-100 to set this kind of service up and there will then be a monthly charge of around £30 for a keyword on a 5 digit shortcode number. On top of this there will then be a charge for texts of around 5-6p each. Of course this is for a self service approach where you send your own texts. If you want a managed service then you’ll pay considerably more – maybe around £150-200 a month – although i don’t see the point in this personally.

I’d also suggest investing an extra £200 or so upfront to get a mobile version of your website so that you can include links in your texts which will go straight to your mobile optimised menu or table reservation page with click to call functionality enabled.

Of course, you could reduce the costs by not using a shortcode number and instead having a longcode number, but this would have negative implications on your opt-in rates (i.e. To opt-in your customers would need to text YOURBUSINESSNAME to 07123456789 instead of 54321).

Once setup you’re probably looking at around £40-50 per month for a couple of SMS broadcasts a month (assuming a typical restaurant subscriber base of 200-300). So long as your texts offer value to your customers and are well timed, then you should be able to make 5-10 times that amount back.

One company I’d recommend you look at is LocalDirect – they specialise in mobile marketing for local businesses (as opposed to national chains), offer a free trial and their Mobile marketing guide is full of useful information for anyone thinking of giving mobile marketing a try.

In a couple of years time I’m pretty sure most local businesses will be using mobile marketing in some form or other but not many are at the moment so this is a good opportunity to get an advantage over local competitors.

Charles asks…

Which is the best wesite to learn about Mobile Marketing ?

Tutorials on how to perform a mobile Marketing Campaign?
Advices in mobile marketing?

Richard Thomas answers:

There are a lot of mobile marketing sites popping up out there so which one is best for you? Well you should check out a few of them, see what they offer to you and their clients. You want to find a company that has great support for their team as well as their clients. The company I work with has some video tutorials for you and even give you a website to send leads to. I haven’t found any other ones that have tutorials.

Best of luck!

William asks…

How to use mobile marketing to reach your audience/customers?

Mobile phones are everywhere today and people almost always have their cell phones with them. Has anyone used mobile marketing to reach your customers? What do you think should be the factors to consider when using mobile marketing? What will work and what will not work — especially from the perspective of the small business owner? Is it something that business owners need to try NOW or should small businesses let the big boys try it out first?

Richard Thomas answers:

I have used this for a national client and I would recommend you hold off. Its still very expensive and the volume is not there. Targeting is not where is should be yet. And contrary to what you hear – many large advertisers are not using mobile. People are still scared and don’t know how to effectively use it. There is one cheap efficient way to use mobile – Google Mobile. You can have a sponsored link in appear on mobile phones if you have an adwords account. Its pretty cheap and you pay per click.

Media Post (advertising publication) has a great online publication on mobile –

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