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William asks…

What is the best website design school in America?

I want to get an education in website design. I already have a decent background in web design, so the basic classes aren’t enough. I would like to find a school that goes deep into the coding, mobile applications, css, java, video, flash, html, and other interactive design platforms, essentially the future of web design. I want to physically attend the school, NOT take online classes, I’m just having trouble finding which school would be the best for my situation.

Rich answers:

Following are the top five universities that offer course of website design:-

1-Carnegie Mellon University!!!
2- Purdue University
3- Pennsylvania State University
4- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
5- Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Ken asks…

How to design a website for mobile browsers?

I have a website which shows very big in mobile browsers, the width is really long. Should I design a new website especially for mobile? I have experience designing websites by HTML and CSS and also CMS, so can i use the same languages to designing the mobile version?
Also I would like to know how much designers design a mobile website which has 21 pages, each has some text.

So I need some advice about designing mobile websites.


Rich answers:

Develop a separate CSS for mobile. Serve appropriate CSS for device (screen / mobile). Same site, different style. Do a Google, seriously, there’s shitloads of advice and free files to use.

Mandy asks…

What is the best software for mobile website design?

I would like to design websites intended for phones and the iPhone (iTouch). Would you be kind enough as to suggest the best software. I would like for this software to let me preview my designs for different phone models.

Rich answers:

Hi there,
Below is a link with information for mobile software. It is a “for pay” plan but may be a good place to start.
For free software I would suggest Kompozer which is a “wysiwyg” html editor.
You could make some small test sites and see what they look likke on your cell phone.
Try keeping the page small (about 320 pixels wide) with simple backgrounds and good contrast for your text.
The second link is for Kompozer (free software).
Hope this helps,

Steven asks…

How do I move my myspace blog to another blogging website?

I would like to move my myspace blog to another blogging website, like wordpress or to a mac mobile me website that i design. How can I do that without losing what I have already created? If it is not possible I will just keep using myspace for blogging purposes only…but i would like to move it so i can close the account. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Rich answers:

It shouldn’t be too hard. There isn’t any software to make the transaction seamless but you can pretty easily copy and paste all of your blog posts into new posts. With WordPress, you can even change the dates of posts so that you can display the correct dates.

I always recommend WordPress for blogging software but if you have doubts about it you may want to consider Google Blogger or TypePad. You can host your blog for free on or you can download the software at and host it on your own website.

Below is a link to a post on my blog about blogging that will help you decide which blogging site to use (top 10 blogging sites). I’m also going to refer you to a post I wrote that lays out how to host your own blog in 5 easy steps.

Lisa asks…

What programming languages are required to develop websites for iPhones or others cell phones? Same as App?

I want to design an iPhone app or mobile website and am trying to decide which is best and what language to use. Any suggestions? Do iPhone apps have the capability to log data onto the internet for administrative use or are they stand alone? Are mobile websites compatible with any phone that has internet?

Rich answers:

IOS apps are coded in Objective-C. I’m not sure about other smartphone apps, but I know it’s something different. And feature phones/dumbphones can use mobile Java apps (.jar files).

I’m 99% sure iOS apps can have Internet access.

And all websites can be viewed with any Internet-capable device, but some restrictions may apply (i.e. Layouts may change on a small screen, and some older phones don’t have full JavaScript support). Plus, HTML5 elements definitely will not work on older phones, so expect your site to only work on newer smartphones if you use them.

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